Why do we need to touch everything?

Young children learn with all of their senses. In the Early Childhood program you may hear us talk about “whole child development.” This basically means we are concerned about growing all of children’s skills, not just the academics ones. Teaching children to use strategies to learn that come naturally to them is one way to grow their scientific thinking. Sensory play is something we focus on a lot in EC. A “sensory” experience is rich in including more than one sense to experience it. Touch is the most common for these activities, because young children love to touch everything so they can better understand it. This is why playdough, water, and paint are such popular preschool supplies. Today we focused our sensory work on creating sculptures of gourds. It was fun to see the children find new ways to create shapes and details with a familiar medium. Here are your conversation starters for today:

“Ask Me About”

  • Did your small group work with making gourds out of playdough today? Was it hard  to make those shapes? How did you do it?

  • We continued work on our outside agreement today...we thought of a lot of things we can’t do...can you think of things we can do when outside?

  • In the afternoon we read a Halloween book. We noticed that there are a lot of symbols associated with Halloween. Can you think of one?