What can we do with wooden blocks?

The new wooden block set in our classroom has been very popular. Blocks are one of the best classroom toys for teaching children about the world around them. Here’s a list of just a few of the things children gain by playing with blocks:

  • Learning how to build something with a stable base

  • How balance works

  • Creating a plan

  • Risk taking and managing disappointment when plans don’t work out

  • collaborating with others on a structure

  • Mathematical thinking: measurement, spatial relationships, creating and disassembling basic shapes, symmetry

  • Creative thinking and literacy skills as they use their imaginations to tell stories about what they are building.

Here are your conversation starters for today:

“Ask Me About”

  • We started to work on our outside agreement today...what do you think should be included in our playground rules?

  • We collaged with materials today after reading the story, Leafman. What picture or design did you create?

  • We started classroom jobs this week. Do you remember your job?