We’re Going On A Symbol Hunt...


Today we continued our wonderful discussion about symbols! Mrs. Higgins joined us, so we could learn about what symbols mean in music. There were many great ideas shared and observations found about our new symbols. Jonah noticed some music notes have two “heads” and others only have one. Henry noticed the number four is at the beginning of a sheet of music and asked the question, “What do numbers mean in music?” Huck responded with, “It could be the symbols for how many notes there are!”  As our hunt for symbols continue, we are finding many interesting observations!


Here are your conversation starters for today:

“Ask Me About”

  • Can you remember one of the symbols we learned about in music today?

  • Can a picture, or symbol, have more than one meaning?

  • Today we read, Pancakes, Pancakes, in class. What colors did you see in the collages?