Agreements are an essential part of everyone’s day. In our classroom we have been talking about classroom agreements as a type of “promise.” “Dino” the dragon was introduced last week as our “reminder dragon” and the children are really responding to his reminder about our routines and rules. We are also working on a book of the can’s and cannot’s of the classroom. It should be done next week. Today the children were introduced to two new materials, and we made agreements about how we would use them. The kids did great taking care of these new things! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to send in those library books next week! Here are your conversation starters for today:

“Ask Me About”

  • Who celebrated their birthday today? What did you draw on their card?

  • What were the two new materials introduced today? (rainbow streamers and brain blox)

  • We did some color mixing in the afternoon...what color did you make?