What Color Do You See?


Today we experimented with colorful fall, or autumn, leaves! During inquiry we took a closer look at leaves to see if we could notice differences in each leaf. Many friends discovered that the leaves were different colors, or more than one color, so we used oil pastels and pencils to record the observations we found. We also had Spanish class today! In Spanish we continued to work on our numbers and started learning new words, like the word for “spider”! Lastly, we continued to work on our classroom agreements. We thought it would be fun to create a class storybook with all the things we “do” and “don’t” do in the classroom. Everyone got a turn to come up with a “do” or “don’t” and draw a picture to go in our book!

101018_carly_bornmann_b (1).jpg

Here are your conversation starters for today:
“Ask Me About”

  • We learned another word for fall today. Can you remember the other word we use to describe fall?

  • While looking at our autumn leaves today many colors were noticed! What colors did you see? Do some leaves have more than one color?

  • During inquiry time we started our classroom agreement book. Can you remember one classroom “do” or “don’t” you added to our book?