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An evening with our Board: Dec. 18th, at 7 p.m., Soundview Performing Arts Center (pizza and childcare provided). Contact Molly Bozarth at (425) 778-8572 to RSVP.

Each year, our Board hosts a meeting to connect with parents and talk about the vision for Soundview’s future. We hope you will join us.

For most of us, our window into the school is through our children’s classroom, teachers, daily homework, or activities. Perhaps, we’ve done some volunteering, joined a field trip or summer work party, or attended an event. There’s so much more to an independent school like Soundview that our Board wants to share. For a video preview of this important event, click here.


A few issues back Matt introduced you to our partnership with Friends of North Creek Forest. As you'll recall, we've been working since with them since 2013 to help restore the North Creek Watershed, which provides habitat for salmon and water for farms. Here are a few words from Friends of North Creek Forest about Soundview School. This is a relationship to celebrate.

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Okay, here goes. Does anyone have an advice column for parents that makes any sense at all? Do you follow any faithfully? Do you consider it a sinful pleasure to read about someone else’s troubles for a few minutes? Below are a few advice columns that I stumble across occasionally. If you have one that you like (or hate) please hit me back at