We are committed to how children naturally learn.

At Soundview, we build optimal learning communities for all of our students. Students of diverse ages and skills work together and develop at their natural pace in multiage classrooms. Classrooms typically span two to three years. Students have additional opportunities to engage with a wider age range during all-school assemblies, Learning Buddies, service projects, and community events. Many of our most powerful learning experiences occur when we work with people of different ages.

 We maintain the following assumptions about children and learning:


...Each child has unique strengths and challenges.

...Each child develops physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially at different rates.

...Diverse age and skills in a community are established as the norm for children.

...Children at different stages in development are able to work well together.

...Learning is interactive, social, dynamic, and complex.

...Learning is at times uncomfortable. Productive struggle is necessary.

...Learning involves knowledge, skills, dispositions, and feelings.

...Children benefit from cooperative learning and cross-age tutoring.

...Everyone is a learner and a teacher.

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