Learning to lead from the middle.

The Soundview School Middle Years Program (MYP) is built on three basic truths of early adolescence.

  1. Students need plenty of opportunities to build and nurture strong relationships with teachers and peers.
  2. Middle School students learn skills and concepts best in a relevant, challenging interdisciplinary curriculum that allows them to make important connections between the academic disciplines and applications in their own lives and the world.
  3. The right environment for middle school students is highly flexible with time for exploration, and is free from unnecessary disruptions and transitions.

Deep learning leads to deep understanding.

The Middle Years Program consists of ten interrelated classes: 

  1. Design Thinking
  2. Mathematics
  3. Science
  4. Individuals and Societies
  5. Language and Literature
  6. Language Acquisition
  7. Visual Arts
  8. Concert Band
  9. Physical and Health Education
  10. Advisory

Students learn through units of study in each of the subject areas, oftentimes, projects and assessments are designed as interdisciplinary, interweaving two or more disciplines. Each unit of study is designed to develop subject-specific skills and concepts, in addition to exploring the essential and debatable questions of each discipline. The work of the subject areas becomes applicable and relevant through overarching "global contexts," including identities and relationships, orientation in time and space, personal and cultural expression, scientific and technical innovation, globalization and sustainability, fairness and development.