What does your child need?

At Soundview, we work with our students and families to build a solid foundation for success. Every child is a leader, empowered to make a positive difference. Our community values diversity and safety. We honor how children really learn by encouraging curiosity, risk-taking, creation, and reflection. We do all of this by implementing the International Baccalaureate World School model. Please watch this video to learn about the International Baccalaureate World School model and how it can serve your child.

What is the IB?


The IB is a framework for education. It does not tell us what to teach. Instead, it guides how we teach. Our program is always under construction - it’s designed and revised based on ongoing educational research, practice, and the needs of our future world.

The IB has three key benefits for students...

It’s a learning experience that is relevant to children’s current and future lives.

It’s an education built on the developmental stages of childhood, meeting students right where they are, and maximizing the way they naturally learn.

It’s a program designed to teach students how to take ownership of their own learning.

The Soundview IB program includes our soon-to-be candidate Primary Years Programme (PYP) and fully authorized Middle Years Programme (MYP). The PYP is for students in preschool through 5th grade and consists of three multiage pods - Early Childhood, Primary, and Intermediate. The MYP is designed for students in 6th through 8th grade.

International-mindedness is more important than ever.


Through our curriculum and school culture, we guide our students to recognize that humans, no matter their differences, share many of the same desires, challenges, and experiences. If we share the job of taking care of our planet and its people, we can contribute to a better, more peaceful world. We introduce, practice, and coach our Ten Traits in every classroom, every day, to nurture emotional character, intellectual habits of mind, and international-mindedness.

As IB learners, Soundview community members strive to be:












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