Immunization Requirements and Forms

Immunization records are due before the school year begins.

Washington passed a new law about MMR vaccinations. If your child has not received the MMR immunization because of personal/philosophical objections to that immunization, your child will not be able to attend school. You will need to provide an updated vaccination form reflecting the MMR immunization or proof of a medical or religious exemption before your child can come to school in the fall. Personal or medical exemptions require a doctor’s signature, as does the varicella waiver for children who have already contracted chicken pox. Personal or philosophical exemptions can still be used for other types of immunizations, like DTaP. Here are the specific requirements:

New Students:

Preschool - 8th Grade students must have a complete immunization form or a medical exemption on file.

Students Entering Kindergarten:

All students entering Kindergarten are required to receive the IPV (Polio) and Dtap inoculation after turning 4 years old. They must also have 2 Doses of Varicella and MMR vaccinations.

Students Entering 6th Grade:

All students entering 6th Grade are required to receive the Tdap inoculation.

Please return a complete Certificate of Immunization or Exemption or your child will not be able to attend school per RCW 28A.210.080. If you have questions, please contact Archana at