Raising Confident and Caring Children Together


Soundview School educates students to become innovative thinkers and ethical citizens and leaders who will serve our community with compassion and respect. We teach future-ready skills by integrating the rigors of the International Baccalaureate curriculum with student-driven, action-oriented, projects that are engaging and relevant to today’s world. The Soundview community is built and dependent upon close, highly collaborative relationships among students, families, and teachers.

Soundview serves a wide range of motivated and curious learners. Well qualified students and families have a desire to develop character, persistence, and resilience, in addition to high-level academic and intellectual habits and skills in multi-age learning communities. The International Baccalaureate focuses on conceptual understanding and community involvement. Our program excels at serving students who need to be challenged or are bored in traditional classrooms. We welcome and encourage student questions like, "Why are we learning this?"

We support many learning differences through a range of classroom strategies and accommodations. Soundview can help facilitate access to services both on and off campus through the school district and a network of professionals.

Prospective family voices:

We just wanted to shoot a quick thank you to you both, and the rest of the Soundview team, for being so warm and welcoming.  The school admissions process has been a little bit of a stressful undertaking, but your hospitality and flexibility has definitely made a difference for us. It's been great to see the sense of community you've built at Soundview. - Prospective Family

We loved getting to know Soundview over these past several months.  We appreciated the thorough tour that you gave us in December which really let us understand the classroom dynamics. It may have been a small gesture, but we were very impressed when our guide excused herself from answering our questions during the tour to attend to a young student who became distraught during an activity. To us, this demonstrated your compassion for your students at all times, not just when convenient. - Prospective Family