Answers signal us to stop learning. Questions keep us going. Questions keep us learning. We embrace failure and conflict as opportunities to ask deeper questions and stick with a problem until it's solved.

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious. It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.”
— Albert Einstein

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The quality of the questions we ask determines how well we learn and grow.

Questions are the most powerful learning tool we have. At Soundview, learning is designed around essential questions. Guided by these questions, students explore things like the sources of their food, the origins of human beliefs, and the ways we express ourselves. The International Baccalaureate culminates in an exploration of a personal questions, driven by curiosity and interest.

In order to learn and grow, we must make mistakes. We must take risks.

By nature, learning can get messy as students figure out who they are and how to be independent. Taking risks is a daily practice for Soundview students. They are asked to experiment with ideas and pose hypotheses; compose original music and writing; and to test and present their conclusions with peers and teachers.

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To express and test their growth, students at Soundview create and contribute to their own learning.

Presentations, games of their own design, and digital media productions are a few of the ways Soundview student express their learning. Soundview embraces both classical and modern modes of creativity. Students might paint during one class and podcast during the next.

Personal reflection is essential. It is also hard to teach.

At Soundview, teachers begin the process by modeling the skills of thoughtful and functional reflection. Some methods are already familiar to students, like showing work and moving through the writing process. Students are encouraged to engage in new and different strategies for reflection, which can include structured debrief; group dialogue; and, employing common terminology about the design of their work.

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