Design thinking is a toolkit for the future.

Design Cycle 2.png

Inquiry and problem-solving are at the heart of design. The design cycle is a tool used to analyse problems and develop, create, and test feasible solutions. A solution can be a model, prototype, product or system independently created and developed by students. Design enables students to learn not only practical skills but also strategies for creative and critical thinking. Soundview teachers have the flexibility to present engaging, relevant, challenging and significant design challenges for their students. Examples of student solutions include: comfort kits for Syrian refugee children, complete restaurant experience, furniture from salvaged wood, Rube Goldberg machines, baby blankets for needy families in local hospitals.

Design thinking is an approach to learning that focuses on developing students’ creative confidence. Teachers and students engage in hands-on design challenges that focus on developing empathy, promoting a bias toward action, encouraging ideation, developing metacognitive awareness and fostering active problem solving.
— Stanford D.School and School of Education