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Soundview is accepting applications!

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Click the button below to start a conversation about your child’s education with Matt Stenovec, our director of enrollment management. Matt will give you a call.

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When Matt calls you, he will schedule a time for you to visit our campus. This visit will give you a chance to see a classroom in action, meet some of our teachers, and meet a few of the students, as well. You can use the visit to tell us about the student in your life.

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After you visit our campus, it’s time for the application. An online service called Ravenna handles the paperwork for your application. Ravenna will walk you through the process and make sure you have provided all the necessary material. We are there to help. There is a $60 application fee.

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Matt will contact you once your application with Ravenna is complete and help you find a time for you and the student in your life to visit the campus and meet some of the other students.

You can always reach out to us. Email mstenovec@soundview.org or call (425) 778-8572.

If you would like, you can begin the application process by using this link to contact Ravenna directly. Just click HERE. Ravenna will notify us and we will give you a call.

It is not unusual for families to struggle with tuition. Please don’t hesitate to discuss this topic with Matt. You can also take a look at our financial aid page by clicking HERE. Soundview does provide limited financial aid.