Primary Program

DIY Kids

June 23rd – June 27th

Art is a part of life. Engage in fun, hands-on activities as you create your own masterpieces at DIY Kids Camp! Get your hands dirty as you plant summer flowers and herbs, make mosaic art, and turn boring white garments into tie-dye sensations! On our field trip, students will pack up their tool box full of art materials and head to the sand dunes at the beach to reflect, draw, learn, and splash. Sharpen your artistic skills as you draw and paint animals, design mobiles, and create party snacks to drool over. Show off your masterpieces at our Art Walk on Friday afternoon.


June 30th – July 3rd

Test the laws of physics as you learn all about robotics. This fun, four-day week will give you the opportunity to experiment with force, motion, electricity, and simple machines as you master the mysteries of robots. Discover the allure of technology and engineering all while building your very own robot.

Toys and Games

July 7th – July 11th

Became a master of toy building in this week of hands-on fun and games! Learn about games from around the world and toys that have stood the test of time. Professional toy maker Rick Hartman will lead us in a workshop to learn how to make our own toys from scratch! Get creative as you build your own board game and become an expert on a wide variety of group games.


July 14th – July 18th

Explore local ecosystems to learn about where and how animals live. Through field trips to local beaches, parks, and ponds, campers will have the chance to observe the interaction between the living and nonliving parts of each ecosystem. Learn about the intertidal zone while exploring the beach at low tide. Discover the relationships between producers, consumers, and decomposers by visiting lush local forests. Round out a week of excursions to local ecosystems by visiting the zoo and learning about the environments that support life in other biomes.


July 21st – July 25th

Became an actor extraordinaire during this week of fun and funny drama games. Tell one word stories, play “Freeze,” and test out your ability to think on your feet while you improvise what you are going to do and say next. Improv is all about team building, cooperation, risk-taking, and flexibility. Build your self-confidence, learn helpful theater skills, and become more open-minded all while having a blast!


July 28th – August 1st

Travel to the far reaches of the universe as you learn about stars, planets, and the moon. Become an expert on the Milky Way, discover constellations, and visit a planetarium for a realistic view of the night sky. Like any good space traveler, you will build rockets, collect moon rocks, interact with extraterrestrials, and sample astronaut food.

Molly Bisset

Molly Bisset

Director of Summer Programming & After School Activities