Soundview Parents Association


The Mission of SPA is to nurture a positive spirit within the Soundview community, to promote parent engagement, and to support the educational experience of Soundview School's students.


A well established organization committed to promoting parent engagement, student growth and community involvement as it supports the mission of Soundview School.



SPA Sponsored Events

Volunteers always needed and appreciated for each SPA event. Sign up clipboards are on the table by the SPA bulletin board or you can send an email to

BOOling 10/29/2016

Coat Drive 12/9/2016

Chili Cook Off 1/28/2017

Valentine's Day Bake Sale 2/14/2017

Project Cuddle 3/23/2017

Game Night 4/27/2017

Teacher Appreciation Week 5/1-5/5/2017


Community Coffee Dates

Four times a year, SPA puts on a community coffee. This is an opportunity for those in our community and those interested in learning more about our school come together. We will have speakers and topics that are applicable to supporting the development of our school, families, and community. These coffees happen in the Middle School Library after drop off. 






SPA Executive Committee Members For 2016-2017 


Co-Presidents: Maya Trujillo Ringe and Anita Watson 

Secretary: Blu Copeland 

Treasurer: Julia Guthrie 

Communications Coordinator: Skye Mitchell 

Volunteer/Room Parent Coordinator: Rachel Read 

Member-at-Large: Christi Trimble Kreutz 


Room Parents For 2016-2017


Preschool/Junior Kindergarten:

Jenny Rowe and Sharice Jeans



Laura Cohn and Maryam Aycox


1st Grade:

Vanessa Giannini and Maya Trujillo Ringe


2nd Grade:

Blu Copeland and Lane Amador


3rd Grade:

Maryam Aycox and Jen Casperson


4th Grade:

Lane Amador


5th Grade:

Danielle Kelting, Shellie Friedrich, Dawn Pirie, and Vanessa Giannini


6th Grade:

Susan Hempstead and Christi Tremble Kreutz


7th Grade:

Janice Otani, Carolyn Kerr, Dana Schumacher, and Vianne Reay


8th Grade:

Susan Hempstead



Leslie Kutz


Everyone in our community is a member of SPA. If you need anything, have any questions, need more information about an event, or have feedback please send an email to