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Soundview School exists for students. Here’s what they say about their experience:

“We love this school and we would like for other kids to have the same opportunity we have.”

“The thing we enjoy most about Soundview is the one-on-one time with teachers.”

“We love our school. Everyone is caring.”

“We love to welcome new students and parents to the Soundview Community.”

“Our community supports all of its students.”

“We enjoy Soundview because we do different things than other schools.”

Sustaining and ensuring the Soundview experience for current and future students takes financial stewardship and the ongoing support of each and every one of us through donations of wealth and work. Thank you for making Soundview a philanthropic priority and encouraging others to do the same.

Individualize Your Gift

There are many ways to support Soundview, short and long-term. Our goal is to help individualize your gift. We welcome and encourage individual conversations to plan your support. You can give with one-time gifts, make recurring gifts or spread your gift over time, roll a gift into tuition payments, gift securities to Soundview’s investment account, to name a few options.

To give to Soundview using a form of payment other than credit card, please fill out the form below:

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