6 Tips To Prepare Your Child For A Successful Transition From Summer To School

As teachers and parents, we know big transitions are hard on children, resulting in every reaction from nervous excitement to tantrums. A longer and more structured transition designed and coached by parents can help set our students up for a more successful transition from summer vacation back to the school year routine. Read more for several strategies for creating structure and systems to help your child make the transition.

Are multi-age classes the future of learning?

Today’s education system resembles a factory system as children are still educated
by batches, grouped by their age and then into year levels, according to Sir Ken
Robinson, author and international education advisor. Schools may recognize that all
children develop at different ages, but not enough are doing something about it.

What Is Equity In Independent Schools?

While giving a tour of our school last week, I walked into our 8th class during an activity exploring the concept of the cultural iceberg model. Student took turns completing the the statement: “people think I’m _____, but really I’m _____. There were so many powerful elements of the exercise: trust, honesty, self-awareness, other-awareness…Our students have been engaged in the conversation about diversity and inclusivity alongside the faculty this year.