After School Activities

Soundview's after school activities provide an opportunity to learn beyond the school day. With a range of choices from art to athletics, students can gain valuable experiences, develop skills, and discover new interests. We offer classes throughout the fall, winter, and spring trimesters. Most classes meet once a week for an hour after school. All classes are first-come, first-served. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact the Director of Extended Day and Summer Camps Molly Bozarth at Thank you!


Fall After School Activities

 september 10-November 30


After School Activities by Pod:

Full List of After School Activities:

Nature Explorers

1st-4th grade

Nature Explorers is a fun and dynamic after-school program that your kids will love! Students will have the chance to learn about the natural world through games, art, and hands-on activities that engage their senses and pique their curiosity. Each week we will delve into a new topic in ways that increase students' nature knowledge and promote a deeper connection to the natural world. Examples of activities include: going on scavenger hunts, playing games that explore predator/prey relationship, and becoming different animals to understand more about their biology. The program has its own curriculum but is also heavily influenced by the interests of the students who participate.

Executive Function

6th-8th grade

The Hallowell Todaro Center is happy to partner with Soundview School again this year in supporting middle school students as they develop and target their executive function skills. This after school group is reserved for students in 6th-8th grade and will include personal learning assessments, executive functioning and brain development curriculum, and time for additional support with schoolwork and homework. The group will focus on developing goals and building habits, specifically related to organization, planning, time management, working memory, and emotional regulation. The overall goal is for students to learn more about who they are, how their brains work, and to have time and space for work.

Story-Based Yoga

Early Childhood-1st grade

Story-based yoga gives early childhood, kindergarten, and first grade students the opportunity to explore yoga through fun and relatable stories. During each 30-minute class, they will focus on a new theme as they learn to make and hold a variety of poses. Yoga helps develop coordination, flexibility, and strength while helping students release their energy in a fun and safe environment. They can laugh and marvel as they increase their skill and sense of achievement.


2nd-8th grade

Yoga is the perfect physical activity for those looking to develop coordination, flexibility, and strength. Students build confidence and a sense of achievement as they master increasingly challenging poses. Each lesson will give them an opportunity to slow down, chill out, and work their muscles in a safe, comfortable environment. Whether you’re brand new or an experienced yogi, you can benefit from our weekly yoga classes for a fun, challenging workout.

Mural Making

Early Childhood-1st grade

As part of our ongoing effort to reimagine and perfect the early childhood playground, we are going to paint a mural on the blacktop! Mural Making is dedicated to the process of imagining, designing. and painting a mural to beautify the early childhood outdoor space with their own artwork. With Ms. Stella’s artistic guidance, students will collaborate to brainstorm ideas for an eye-catching design to enhance their space. Then, they’ll work each week to make their vision come to life! Students should dress for mess.

Beginning Strings

1st-8th grade

The Beginning Strings class provides the opportunity to learn the basic skills for playing the violin or the cello. Our lessons will focus on the individual needs of each student for learning good sound production, note reading facility, and equipment care. Beginning Strings students will have fun making music while learning from an encouraging and patient instructor. Once a strong foundation of basic skills is developed (as determined by the instructor), students may advance to the Soundview Community Youth Orchestra where a move to viola or bass is an option. Students need to purchase their own copy of Essential Elements 2000 in the edition for their instrument and provide their own instrument. All other music materials are provided.

Tabletop Gaming

6th-8th grade

Board games have come a long way since Monopoly and Chutes & Ladders. Modern games run the gamut from fast-paced deduction to heavily strategic economics engines, offering a variety of experiences and opportunities to sit down and unwind with friends. The Tabletop ASA will give kids an opportunity to explore a range of different games and game mechanics, from worker placement to social deduction to hand management and more. Come and join us at the table!


5th-8th grade

Learn digital photography skills and take beautiful, visually interesting photographs. Students will learn rules of composition, light, and exposure in order to make the most of a DSLR camera. Students will have opportunities to take landscapes, portraits, and candid photographs. This class will be a great way to hone your photography skills whether you want to contribute to the school yearbook or learn how to take great photos in your daily life. If you have access to a digital camera (DSLR or point-and-shoot), bring it to class. Otherwise, we have cameras to share.

Introduction to Role Playing

K-5th grade

No Thank You, Evil! is a game of creative make-believe, adventure, and storytelling. Make your character based on fun descriptive traits, then set off on an adventure. Use character abilities and imagination to overcome obstacles and tell your story. Whereas conventional games constrain players’ actions, No Thank You, Evil! sets kids’ imaginations free with options limited only by their creativity. Intro to Role Playing games will introduce and reinforce such concepts as cooperation, linear storytelling, collective decision-making, and more! Come and join us on your first role playing adventure! Parent volunteers needed.

Cross Country

K-8th grade

Enjoy the great outdoors while building the strength and endurance to become a great runner! Run through our campus woods, play exciting games that will give you a good cardio workout, and compete in Sunday league meets at Woodland Park with other runners your age on September 23rd, September 30th, October 7th (K-3rd), and October 14th (4th-8th). Wear your best running shoes because you are going to get a workout!


Kindergarten-8th grade

Ready to make some new friends and amaze your parents with your brain power? Join Chess Wizards this school year for challenging chess lessons, exciting tournaments, fun team activities, and more! If you’re brand new to the game, we’ll teach you the basics and get you playing with the big kids in no time. If you’re a seasoned checkmate artist, we’ll show you new ways to let your creativity loose on and off the chessboard.

Youth Orchestra

3rd-8th grade  

The Soundview Community Youth Orchestra is the place to build skills and create musical art on violin, viola, cello, and double bass. Our rehearsals develop playing technique, teach ensemble music making, and challenge the students with practice in sight reading. Orchestra requires one year of experience with a violin or cello. Students need to purchase their own copy of Essential Elements 2000 in the edition for their instrument. Students provide their own instruments. All other music materials will be provided.